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Developed by Abror Inomshoev

Over the last years the demand for IELTS has increased since more and more oversee universities offer their programs and scholarships to students in many countries including our country. Also, many international companies offer job opportunities oversea. In both situations the IELTS certificate is required. It has been observed that many students and their parents have come to SPCE asked for IELTS preparation course, hence it was decided that the launch of the IELTS Preparation course should be initiated to meet the demand.

The main aim is to provide quality IELTS prep courses by helping the participants to achieve the required band by the scholarship or programs which is usually 6 and above. Students will spend 6-8 hours each week over 4-6 weeks period. Students are expected to devote their time to self-study to do activities, online work and homework.

At the end of the course students will sit IELTS final test.

Thes final test is in four parts:

 Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.


Concept Note for the Moodle IELTS Prep Course. 

UCA is aiming at achieving zero-emission goal in near future. Therefore, one way to help to achieve this goal is to go digital where incredibly less paper will be used for teaching.  The purpose of this Moodle format module is to minimally use paper and other materials that teachers use for IELTS lessons and as well as give opportunity to those who want or need to study remotely. 

This course consists of 34 lessons, 2 hours for each lesson that makes 68 hours, plus 3 hours for final test which is preceded by 4 IELTS Mock tests, in total 83 hours are allocated for this module. Students will learn and practice all four skills, i.e., reading, writing, listening and speaking on their own pace. They will also practice advanced grammar and vocabulary. The materials have been adopted from a Cambridge English, Complete IELTS textbook by Guy Brook-Hart and Vanessa Jakeman. Each lesson is designed according to certain themes which are very common in IELTS examination. 

There are two grammar and vocabulary quizzes, and one complete final test covering all four skills, reading paper, writing Paper, listening paper, and speaking. The final test will be assigned by the tutor with time and date being set. 

Students will study on their pace; however, the instructor has to make sure they actually do the tasks. Therefore, the teacher can set time limit for each lesson. About 6 to 8 hours each week can be spent for doing the tasks. Also, students and the instructor can create a group in WhatsApp or Telegram in order to discuss any issue that might occur during the course. 

This Moodle IELTS lessons also can be integrated with offline lessons as extra practices.