1. Conversational English
  2. Certified Accountant Practitioner
  3. Certified International Professional Accountant
  4. Academic Achievement
  5. Entrepreneurship
  6. Business Plan Development
  7. Social Entrepreneurship
  8. International Computer Driving Licence
  9. Cashier / Financial Assistant
  10. English for Health
  11. Business Russian
  12. Business Kazakh
  13. Business Tajik
  14. Kyrgyz Language for Civil Servants
  15. Conversational Russian
  16. Conversational German
  17. Conversational Chinese
  18. Conversational Kyrgyz
  19. Conversational French
  20. Guide training
  21. Mental Maths

Изображение курса Professional Development and Teacher Training
Short Programmes

This course has been designed to provide professional development and teacher training for instructors teaching the English Language. In this module, learners will gain a deeper understanding of how to successfully teach adults English as a Foreign Language, how to maintain a professional learning community, and the various teaching and learning styles. The course will also walk teachers through the Cambridge Empower Series for B2 and C1 CEPR levels in order that they are better prepared to teach it to prospective students. Furthermore, teachers will also be provided with digital training in order that they become knowledgeable in using the Moodle LMS.